Do I need any external sensors?

No, you have all the sensors you need right in your smartphone!

Where should I place the phone when I ride?

The mobile phone has to be worn on the body of the rider or mounted on the motorcycles handlebar (we recommend Quadlocks motorcycle mounts). You should not place it in any backpack, open space or similar, then the accident detection can send false alarm due to the sensitivity in the phones's sensors.

What is sent to SOS alarm? (Sweden only)

Detecht only send the most critical information to SOS Alarm, and no information that could hurt a driver involved in an accident. The following information is sent from Detecht to SOS Alarm in order for them to be able to locate and help the driver: Time of an accident, position (GPS), direction, name and phone number. The phone number is used by SOS Alarm to try to get in touch with the driver.

The GPS position is not correct

In some locations the phone might not be able to get good GPS connection. You can still use Detecht, but distance and speed will become less accurate.

If the route is not tracked at all it is probably due to that you didn't allow the app to use the phones location or due to battery optimization settings on your phone.