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How it works

The crash detection is always on when you are tracking or navigating a route with Detecht. Just make sure you have added an emergency contact.

The crash detection algorithm is based on monitoring the smartphones key sensors: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer and GPS. Because of this, it is sensitive to certain movement patterns and therefor important that your phone is stored in any of the following ways to avoid false alarms:

  • Worn close to the body of the rider, such as in a pocket.
  • Mounted on the motorcycle’s handlebar (we recommend Quadlock’s motorcycle mounts).

You should not place your mobile phone in any backpack, storage compartment or similar where the phone might rattle around, as it may trigger the crash detection on false basis.

The algorithm will detect when an unusual driving pattern occurs equal to a motorcycle accident, such as deceleration and tumbling followed by a non movement pattern. If the driver starts to move and/or continue riding after an accident, the crash alarm will not go off. If a crash is detected, an alarm notification is activated on the riders phone with both alarm sound and vibrations. The driver now has 60 seconds to deactivate the alarm if the driver is unharmed and don’t need any emergency help.

SOS Alarm (Available in Sweden)

Today, Detecht are directly linked to the emergency service SOS Alarm in Sweden available for all Swedish riders using Detecht Premium. In order to get emergency help as fast as possible we send your exact location, ride direction, time of accident, and the rider’s phone number to SOS Alarm.

In order for the SOS Alarm connection to work you need to activate SOS Alarm after you bought Detecht Premium and entered the required personal information.

How to connect to SOS Alarm (Premium)

Once you are a Premium Member, you are able to connect to SOS Alarm.

  1. From the Start Screen, navigate to your Profile Page.
  2. Open Settings, the cog icon in the top right corner.
  3. Find SOS Alarm in the list.
  4. Here you will need to fill out the mandatory fields: First Name, Last Name & Phone Number.
  5. Toggle SOS Alarm to ON
  6. Finally, tap Save.

From now on, in the event of an accident and if the alarm is not cancelled within 60 seconds, Detecht will send an automatic alarm to SOS Alarm. The SOS operator will immediately call you. I you do not respond, the emergency services will be informed about the location of the accident.

Outside Sweden

In other countries the alarm will go directly to the Emergency Contacts that you have added in the app. These will be sent an emergency-sms containing the time & place of the accident in order to take further emergency actions. You’re able to add 1 Emergency Contact for free and if you want to add more, you are able to do so once you have become a Detecht Premium Member.

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