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Adding Emergency Contacts

Who will come to the rescue?

The automatic crash detection’s real value is getting your loved ones notified of your location and time of accident so they can either contact you or rescue services. But in order for them to receive the text message with the information in the first place you will have to add them as an Emergency Contact in the app.

How to add an Emergency Contact

The first option you will be presented with is adding an Emergency Contact during the onboarding. If you didn’t add one here, don’t worry. There’s another way to add or remove Emergency Contacts within the app.

  1. From the Start Screen, navigate to your Profile Page.
  2. Open Settings, the cog icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Emergency Contacts.
  4. From here, tap the button +Add Emergency Contact.
  5. Here you can either:
  • Manually add their name and phone number.
  • Import contact from your phone book.
  • Finally, tap Save to add your contact as an Emergency Contact.
  • From here on out, your added Emergency Contact will now get a text message should the crash detection trigger and the alarm be activated.

Need to add additional Emergency Contacts?

To add additional Emergency Contacts (up to 5 in total) you will need to upgrade to Detecht Premium.

Once Premium, add additional Emergency Contacts as previously.

In-app friends

Besides adding Emergency Contacts that will receive all the vital information through text messages on their phones, you can also choose which of your in-app friends that will be alerted of your accident within the Detecht app.

While in the Emergency Contact page in Settings, you can simply toggle on/off which of your friends in the list that will receive a notification about your accident.

Adding friends

Motorbiking brings people together

It’s no secret us motorcyclists have strong bonds between each other. All it takes is finding the right tribe that shares the same passion, whether it be Harley-Davidson riders or sports bike dare devils. Luckily, Detecht is such place where these people are to be found.

How to add friends

There are a couple of ways to add friends, depending if you already know someone or not.

  1. From the Start Screen, navigate to the Friends Page.
  2. Here you can either:
  • Tap the Invite Friends button to send an invite to someone who do not have Detecht installed.
  • Search for a specific user’s name in the Search Bar.
  • Send a friend request by tapping the Add button, or their profile picture to visit their profile to learn more about them.

Or you can also:

  • From the Start Screen, navigate to the Feed Page where all kinds of motorcyclists are sharing their motorcycle life.
  • Once you find someone you’d like to get in touch with, tap their profile picture to visit their profile and tap the Add button to send a friend request.

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