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Enable Hazard Warnings

If you have Hazard Warnings enabled you will be warned of upcoming road hazards reported by other motorcyclists in your area. You can also report any spotted hazards you encounter during your rides.

  1. From the Start Screen, tap the Settings icon on the map.
  2. Find Hazard Warnings in the list and toggle ON.

You'll now be able to view, receive and report hazards.

Additionally, you can choose what types of hazards you want to be warned for:

How to report a hazard

When you start Ride Tracking or Navigation a Report Hazard Button will appear in the lower right corner. Should you spot a road hazard during your ride you can tap this to report it. Depending if you are moving or standing still while doing this you will have a few different choices.

While moving

When tapping the Report Hazard Button: Will instantly report an unidentified hazard at your current location. You can later define what kind of hazard this was once at a stand still to better warn other motorcyclists of what kind of hazard they can expect to encounter.

When standing still

When tapping the Report Hazard Button:

  1. Choose what kind of hazard it was.
  2. Place the hazard on the map where you saw. You can also add a description here to better communicate what to watch out for.
  3. Once placed, other motorcyclists will be able to see it and get warned about it.

Receiving Warnings

Once nearby a hazard you will get a warning both visually on the screen with info about what kind of hazard it is and the remaining distance to it, as well as get notified by a voice prompt.

Confirming or Resolving Hazards

When you have passed a previously reported hazard you will be able to confirm if the hazard was accurate and still there or if it was not there. This is to help keep hazards updated for other motorcyclists. If you have not been close to it, it won't be possible to choose whether it's there or not.

If you have passed a hazard it will be indicated by a question mark on the hazard itself. This means that you can tap on it and choose if it's Not there or Still there.

  • Not there - Will remove the hazard from the map.
  • Still there - Will keep it on the map for other motorcyclists. Hazards that you have confirmed will have a checkmark icon on them.

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