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Share your live position with your Emergency Contacts

Instead of just notifying your Emergency Contacts of your location in the event of an accident, they can also follow your current live position on their phone or desktop every time you are out riding with Safety Tracking enabled.

Safety Tracking is a Premium feature. Read more about Premium and how to upgrade here.

How to enable Safety Tracking

Safety Tracking Icon
  1. From the Start Screen, tap the Safety Tracking icon on the map.
  2. This will open up the Safety Tracking page from which you can:
  • Toggle between showing/hiding your current speed.
  • Add emergency contacts.
  • Toggle who of your in-app friends that can follow your ride live.

To activate, tap the Enable Safety Tracking button.

From now on, each time you track or navigate a route, a link containing your live position will be sent to your Emergency Contacts and chosen in-app friends so they can follow your ride live.

The active status is also indicated by the Safety Tracking icon now showing as orange.

Safety Tracking Active
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