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Be up to date of what’s going on

By allowing Detecht to send notifications you will be notified whenever someone sends you a friend invite, when your friends has either started or finished a ride or when someone commented on your route or feed posts.

How to enable notifications

If you haven’t enabled notifications you can do so in two ways.

In your phone settings


  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Notifications.
  • Find Detecht in the list > Toggle on Allow Notifications.


  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps.
  • Find Detecht in the list and tap Notifications.
  • Toggle on Show Notifications.

In the Detecht app

  1. From the Start Screen, navigate to the Feed Page.
  2. Tap the Bell icon in the top right.
  3. At the top of the list, tap the Activate button. This will bring you to your phone’s settings for Detecht.
  4. Tap Notifications and toggle on.
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